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$1 Million Dollar Mountain Bike

5 Jun

1millybike1millybike3Yes, you read that right! A $1 million USD mountain bike. If you are wondering what’s the reason for the astronomically priced item, it is because of the 24k gold plating, 600 black diamonds encrusted in the emblem, and 500 golden sapphires. It’s completely handcrafted and includes uncommon luxuries such as a customized saddle made from the finest chocolate brown alligator and a gold plating covered water bottle accented with chocolate brown stingray. It is now titled the most expensive bicycle in the world. The bicycles will be very limited, only 13 produced.  

The House of Solid Gold’s CEO, Mr. Power, announced recently his excitement about working closely with The Way to Happiness Foundation International, a global non-profit, non-religious charitable organization whose sole mission is to reverse the moral decay of society by restoring trust and honesty the world over through the publication and widespread distribution of “The Way to Happiness” booklet, a common sense guide to better living.  The majority, 90% or more, of the proceeds from the sale of this golden bicycle will go directly to this global organization.