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Ralph Lauren Shawl Cardigan for 2014 Olympics

29 Jan

Ralph Lauren has unveiled his latest collection for the 2014 Sochi Russia Olympics. The collection definitely has a classic Ralph Lauren “Americana” winter feel. Out of all the pieces in the collection the piece that stood out the most was the shawl cardigan sweater. The cardigan has received a lot of criticism from everyone, but honestly who the hell cares?! The ABATHINGX team decided to make an appointment with our friends over at Ralph Lauren NYC to check out this piece of great American history for ourselves.

Ralph Lauren went above and beyond to make sure that these luxury items were 1,000% ALL AMERICAN MADE!! Another fantastic parts of this cardigan besides the patriotic color way is the amazing feeling and quality of this 100% US made wool knit. This nostalgic collectors piece is also very limited. Each piece is individually numbered on the inner tag. The fit of the cardigan gives a bit of drape and length which is reminiscent of an old school grandfather fit. Hopefully all of our Ralph Lauren collectors and fans will get a chance to appreciate a piece such as this in person for years and years to come.