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Fashion News: Nicolas Ghesquière On Why He Left Balenciaga

29 Apr

Over a series of interviews with System Magazines’ Jonathan Wingfield, Nicolas Ghesquière talks all about his experience with Balenciaga and the key reasons why he decided to leave the brand for good after 15 years of being promoted to head designer in 1997.


Excerpt from the interview:

When was the first time you felt your ambitions for the house were no longer compatible with Balenciaga’s management?

NG: It was all the time, but especially over the last two or three years it became one frustration after another. It was really that lack of culture which bothered me in the end. The strongest pieces that we made for the catwalk got ignored by the business people. They forgot that in order to get to that easily sellable biker jacket, it had to go via a technically mastered piece that had been shown on the catwalk. I started to become unhappy when I realised that there was no esteem, interest, or recognition for the research that I’d done; they only cared about what the merchandisable result would look like. This accelerated desire meant they ignored the fact that all the pieces that remain the most popular today are from collections we made ten years ago. They have become classics and will carry on being so. Although the catwalk was extremely rich in ideas and products, there was no follow-up merchandising. With just one jacket we could have triggered whole commercial strategies. It’s what I wanted to do, but I couldn’t do everything. I was switching between the designs for the catwalk and the merchandisable pieces – I became Mr Merchandiser. There was never a merchandiser at Balenciaga, which I regret terribly.

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Fashion News: Balenciaga

30 Dec

When hurricane Sandy hit in late October, the Balenciaga New York flagship in Chelsea endured heavy damages. The store is still temporarily closed for repairs. The label recently announced a 2,000-square-foot seasonal store on Wooster Street in Soho, that will launch in time to showcase the pre-spring 2013 collection.

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