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Music Video: Jay Rock- Vice City feat. Black Hippy

14 Sep

Definitely one of the most fun to watch and creative videos out right now!! Visually pleasing and definitely a great song to go along with the visuals. Check it out below, and congratulations to Jay Rock on a great album!! “Rappers” take notes, TDE is kicking the door in!!!

Music Video: Bam Vito- Money & Violence (the rebirth of Brooklyn Rapstars!!)

12 Sep

With all of he different sounds coming from so many different places these days one artist has stuck out to us in the last few months. His name is Bam Vito and he is a Brooklyn bread artist. His style and sound most definitely gives you a fresh feel on New York City hip hop. Check out his video below for his Money & Biolence track, which also happens to be the theme song for the hit YouTube series of the same name. Brooklyn stand up!

Fashion News: DON C sits with GQ to discuss the JUST Don brand and inspiration

24 Aug

Designer Don C sits down with GQ’s style editor Will Welch to explain the inspiration and creation of his famous JustDon snakeskin baseball caps. Chicago native Don explains how the idea of the “buck fifty” cap originated in his home town. Originally worn by drug dealers in the late 70’s & 80’s, Don C tried to sell the idea to companies but no one would produce the idea. So in 2011 he decided to take it upon himself to recreate the classic hat that originally costed $150 ((hence the name “buck fifty”)). The hats are available at Kith NYC, Barneys, RSVP Gallery & 


Music Video: Jidenna – Classic Man (Remix) feat. Kendrick Lamar

16 Jul

In the most interesting of collaborations comes this brilliant song and visual. 

Music News: Trey Deuce- Calm Vibes (feat. Ty Bass) 

13 Jul

New heat coming out of Brooklyn NY! Young Trey Deuce and Ty Bass are pushing the culture forward as well as the calm vibes. Check out the visual..

Designer Martin Margiela in The Artist Is Absent

30 Apr

A new documentary about our favorite Belgian couturier is now streaming online. Produced by YOOX Group and directed by filmmaker Alison Chernick, this documentary shows you the force that is Margiela. From the his believable deconstruction pieces in the 90’s to the body conscious boldness in the mid-00’s. Margiela shows you that anything is possible even if you try your hardest to be annoymous. Moving to Paris in 1984 to work as a design assistant to Jean Paul Gaultier, then following his calling by starting his own label in 1988. You have to start somewhere. Be inspired and check out the short film first-shown at the Tribeca Film Festival. 

Watch: Pharrell’s Anime Remix x Takashi Murakami’s ‘JELLYFISH EYES’

16 May

With electric colors and a contagious beat, you’ll be inspired. It’s a bit drawn out but a must see nonetheless. 

Sneak Peak: Photographer sQ

15 Jun


Check out the homie sQ over at the Crosby Press. Love seeing family getting the recognition they deserve. Click the photo to view the full interview.

G-Shock X Stevie Williams/Nigel Sylvester – Bluetooth GB6900 Collection

1 May

G-Shock went on location in Miami Florida with Nigel Sylvester and Stevie Williams to make this short demonstrating the features of the new Bluetooth GB6900 Collection. Dope Video! The visuals along with the storyline will keep you intrigued. Check it out for yourself!


Music News: Jay-Z Open Letter

12 Apr



“Chill with me on the beach”