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Fashion: Allen Onyia & The Wonder of Wanderluste Co.

16 Jul

  In street fashion and culture there are barely any designers who have come to the table and presented things that actually made sense (I’m glad this article isn’t about that). But designer and founder of Allen Onyia has offered up some classic pieces that are sure to make every mans closet pop. These pieces were not only designed with great thought and understanding, but also decently priced in a market that charges its customers hundreds of dollars without any reasoning on basic essentials like a t-shirt. In all honesty we feel as though Woanderluste has not yet gotten the credit that it deserves. They have stuck to fashion tradition in the color selections, while still keeping the garments fresh and eye catching with clean silhouettes. Wanderluste has done what very few brands have done in the past, and that is create pieces that can go with any other pieces ((shorts/slacks/denim)). We have high hopes to see what the Wanderluste brand is cooking up for its next collection we’re looking forward to seeing what’s next for Allen and Wanderluste. You can purchase Wanderluste items at


Kicks: Nike Lab Vandal High

15 Jul

Nike Lab has reintroduced it’s classic canvas Vandal high in a simple black and silver color-way with white sole. For the silhouette alone this purchase should have been a no brainier for any sneaker head collection. The Vandal has carried this cool sleek essence since the 80s and it does t seem to be having any issues in 2015. At a whopping $100 price tag these kicks scream smart shopping genius with every wear. Check them out


Music News: Trey Deuce- Calm Vibes (feat. Ty Bass) 

13 Jul

New heat coming out of Brooklyn NY! Young Trey Deuce and Ty Bass are pushing the culture forward as well as the calm vibes. Check out the visual..

Fashion: Plastic Hxllywxxd SS15 “Fashion Allstar” Baseball Jersey Collection

9 Jul

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New York based brand Plastic Hxllywxxd is kicking off its brand launch with a collection of baseball jerseys paying homage to some of High Fashions most iconic brands. Each baseball jersey is also based on famous MLB baseball team themes. The Dripping C Chanel Jersey is mimicked after the Yankees iconic navy blue pinstripe colorway, and The YSL (SLP) mimics the Chicago White Sox logo. The number on the back of each jersey signifies a specific milestone for each fashion house. The Number 5 on the Chanel Jersey signifies the brands infamous fragrance and the number ’96’ on the back of the YSL jersey is in tribute to the year designer and game changer Hedi Slimane took over the fashion houses menswear line. Stay tune for more updates from this brand. Each jersey is hand assembled and priced at $200USD . Look for the first delivery from Hxllywxxd’s Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Allstar collection now at






Designer Martin Margiela in The Artist Is Absent

30 Apr

A new documentary about our favorite Belgian couturier is now streaming online. Produced by YOOX Group and directed by filmmaker Alison Chernick, this documentary shows you the force that is Margiela. From the his believable deconstruction pieces in the 90’s to the body conscious boldness in the mid-00’s. Margiela shows you that anything is possible even if you try your hardest to be annoymous. Moving to Paris in 1984 to work as a design assistant to Jean Paul Gaultier, then following his calling by starting his own label in 1988. You have to start somewhere. Be inspired and check out the short film first-shown at the Tribeca Film Festival. 

Fashion : The importance of OFF—White

3 Mar

The Off-White brand is way more important to culture in general for so many reasons. I say culture and not fashion or streetwear brand because Off-white has evolved into something way more than most would have expected it to. From the amazing craftsmanship, to the industrial feel that each piece presents it all comes together quite well. This year will NOT focus on the “hype”, this year we will be driving the site based on originality and innovations that is lacking in most creative circles (fashion/music/art etc.). And what a better way start our 2015 (in March) than with Virgil Abloh and his Off–White production! 

Now there was a gaping hole in the fashion world that needed to be filled and with people like Virgil we will not have anything to worry about moving forward. From the ever-evolving classic oversized plaid flannels, to the masterful layering of pieces in this third collection Off-White has solidified its presence in culture. Moving forward we are hoping to see even cooler collections and more innovative waves of OFF-White. You can get a closer look at the newest Off-White collection below or at OFF—

Style: The versatility of the Timberland boot

30 Dec

3timbsThe versatility of the Timberland boot can be worn with various looks. All over the world people wear the simple silhouette shoe, that seems to never go out of style. For example you’ve seen celebrities including jay-z, Kanye west, and Rihanna wear timbs in similar but yet very different ways.

In other countries the timberland boot crossed over years ago. Check out a few street-style looks via over seas. From the classic wheat to black, the fashion forward individual always seems to make it work with there personality and style preference.