Fashion : The importance of OFF—White

3 Mar

The Off-White brand is way more important to culture in general for so many reasons. I say culture and not fashion or streetwear brand because Off-white has evolved into something way more than most would have expected it to. From the amazing craftsmanship, to the industrial feel that each piece presents it all comes together quite well. This year will NOT focus on the “hype”, this year we will be driving the site based on originality and innovations that is lacking in most creative circles (fashion/music/art etc.). And what a better way start our 2015 (in March) than with Virgil Abloh and his Off–White production! 

Now there was a gaping hole in the fashion world that needed to be filled and with people like Virgil we will not have anything to worry about moving forward. From the ever-evolving classic oversized plaid flannels, to the masterful layering of pieces in this third collection Off-White has solidified its presence in culture. Moving forward we are hoping to see even cooler collections and more innovative waves of OFF-White. You can get a closer look at the newest Off-White collection below or at OFF—

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