LEGO’s new Mini Cooper set 2014

5 Jun

lego-mini-cooper-set-01-960x640 lego-mini-cooper-set-001-960x640This August, Lego will release the Mini Cooper Mk VII set, 1,077 pieces of classic green-and-white miniature car. The Lego Mini Cooper has white wing mirrors and racing stripes, and features doors, a hood, and a trunk that all open. Including a removable white roof to reveal the tonal cream and grey interior complete with car radio and stick shift transmission. The set also comes with a little red-and-white checkered picnic blanket and picnic basket. The big kid in you will love this dope collectable lego-mini-cooper-set-03-960x640 lego-mini-cooper-set-04-960x640 lego-mini-cooper-set-05-960x640

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