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Rick Owens “Tall” for fall

12 Aug


Rick Owens debuts his follow up to his men’s “tall” black leather sneaker, with the tall white leather sneaker. Personally I am a big fan of the simplistic design and amazing high quality leather that these are made of. But you judge for yourself, because at a price point of $1300 these are definitely a high fashion must snagg!!


The Three “Cam” Commandments!!: Camouflage style tips to follow

6 Aug

Camouflage has always been popular. It has gone from the world wars to designers like Maharishi basing their  whole brand around it. But there are definitely rules when it comes to incorporating camo to your everyday life and style. Below are some rules that I always abide by when it comes to wearing the notorious C.A.M.O !!

1. Up or Down:  There is definitely a limit to how much should be worn. Less is more, your choice top or bottom!

2. Camo Holds Weight:  Let the camo print take the lead of any outfit. It demands its own attention, no need to do too much else with an amazing camo print  garment.

 3. All Camo is NOT Created Equal: There are many different shades, shapes and colors, but they do not all look amazing when worn.




Sneak No Peaking : Look into BBC X Mark Mcnairy “Bee Line”

4 Aug


On one of my many adventures to BBC/BGC/Ice Cream/Bee Line-land where I got a sneak peak at what you can expect to see from the highly sought after “bee line” between Pharrell and designer Mark Mcnairy. Now I can’t give to much away but I felt that this new SnapBack varsity cap was one of the dopest pieces.


The hats will come in a few color ways and it has a chenille letter “B” as the center logo. What makes this cap extra cool is the word “Billionairy” that signifies the collaboration between BBC & Mark Mcnairy.


A golden age

3 Aug

If you want to step up your accessory game this year then look no further. GOLD is back on the scene in a major way. Below and above are some gold pieces that can accent any outfit. The key to finishing off a good look with gold is to keep it simple and minimalistic, unless you’re a celerity who can afford a little bit more! Ladies check out the Celine necklace, it’s definitely a timeless collectible piece.


Fashion Mathematics: Bape + Marvel Comics “The Avengers” = DOPE!

2 Aug


Every once in a while brands come together to create what I like to call “Timeless Art”. It doesn’t matter if it’s a figurine or a t-shirt when a collaboration is done right it is undeniable. In this case it is urban pioneer brand Bape that has teamed up with Marvel Comics (Stan Lee) “The Avengers” and have come up with one of the most fun collections that i have seen so far this year! The shirts and hood bring back the true essence of Bape while keeping the coolness of marvels Avenger heroes! These pieces will start at $100 and will go as high as $306 (Hoodie). Make sure you try to snag one of these historic pieces on Aug 11th at Bape stores worldwide.


Video: Complex Mag X G-Shock commercial feat. Tyko MoOn & Donnis

2 Aug

My boy Lander Khadel from London sent this to me a few weeks ago…. I actually totally forgot about this commercial. Im glad they posted this, shoutout to Complex Magazine, G-Shock and Lander. I appreciate you guys!


Video: Rick Ro$$: 3 Kings feat. Dr. Dre & Jay-Z

2 Aug

This is Rick Ro$$’s video off of his newest album (God Forgives I Don’t). The song features Dr. Dre and Jay-Z. Its a pretty dope track in my opinion. The video features a collage of snippets from each rappers career, which makes it pretty cool.  

Music News: Tune In to Channel Orange !!!

1 Aug

In music news singer, songwriter and all around amazing artist Frank Ocean debuted his album entitled “Channel Orange” recently. The album is an amazingly creative body of work from a young man who seems to have just begun on his musical journey. In my honest opinion, this album is probably the best music that I have heard in a long while. There was recently some media drama surrounding  Frank, but don’t let that stop you from picking up what might just be R&B album of the year !!…… Channel Orange 10 out of 10 rating !!! 

Sneaker News: NEW Jeremy Scott Adidas Fall 2012 Delivery!!

1 Aug

So yesterday I received a special delivery of the new JS Adidas wings. I have seen these online and the online pics don’t do these any justice. They are a much better looking sneaker in person. I’ve been an Adiboy for years now so shout out to team Adidas. I definitely give these new JS a 9.5 out of  1o for creativity!!