The Three “Cam” Commandments!!: Camouflage style tips to follow

6 Aug

Camouflage has always been popular. It has gone from the world wars to designers like Maharishi basing their  whole brand around it. But there are definitely rules when it comes to incorporating camo to your everyday life and style. Below are some rules that I always abide by when it comes to wearing the notorious C.A.M.O !!

1. Up or Down:  There is definitely a limit to how much should be worn. Less is more, your choice top or bottom!

2. Camo Holds Weight:  Let the camo print take the lead of any outfit. It demands its own attention, no need to do too much else with an amazing camo print  garment.

 3. All Camo is NOT Created Equal: There are many different shades, shapes and colors, but they do not all look amazing when worn.




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